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I've never been consistant at journaling, so the timing of my blogs will be sporadic at best. I just hope they are as entertaining to you as they are to me; however, be forewarned: Most of my blogs will be about The BaldOne. In spite of his Don King "do," I think he's just as cute as any of the Brothers B!
Now, if I can just remember not to get him wet--or feed him after midnight...

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love At First Viewing

Last year I stayed at Linda's house while I recuperated after surgery. Having nothing better to do, we watched a marathon of "The Closer" episodes.  I was easily hooked. Incidentally, she's also the one that got me hooked on "Monk." Now, with the passing of TC, we are watching "Major Crimes" which I love. The only problem for us is both "The Closer" and "Major Crimes" cut into our long-standing Monday night Spades game. Linda solves that little inconvenience by recording the shows and we watch them on Tuesday or Thursday. This week she introduced me to another show she recorded: "Revolution."

It was love at first viewing.

I love the symbolism.
The "o" in revolution is the power button symbol--the power that has been lost seemingly forever. Ahh, but forever is far too long a time. The title of the show is "Revolution." The flickering  "R" leadings to a play on words: evolution and revolution. We know both are occurring 15 years PTSF (post-traumatic-solar flare). There has been a world-wide power grid loss, in which all electrical power ceased to exist. Humankind is in the process of evolving--only time will tell into what. We see the stage being set for a revolution in the camps of good (our unlikely heroine is Charlie, a virginal 18 year old leader of a ragtag group I think of as Charlie's Angles) and evil (the betraying General Monroe). Interestingly, General Monroe has orderly tent camps reminiscent of civil war camps.

I also love the characters. I can't remember their names--but I love them anyway.  In my head I've renamed almost all of them:

Charlie--the daughter of a peaceful man murdered. Her initial quest is one in which she will find and save her kidnapped brother. Subsequently, they, and the ragtag band of freedom fighters they assemble (Charlie's Angels), will fight the forces of darkness and oppression known as General Monroe's Men, and save the world in the ultimate quest: the march against evil. The added bonus will be avenging the death of her Father.

Uncle Stroh--(sorry, I'm a "Closer" fan--he will forever be Stroh to me)--is the flawed and reluctant hero dragged kicking and screaming into herodom. He may or may not have the third pendent--I believe he does have it as well as the knowledge of how it works.  (We know there are at least three pendents--maybe more--but not too many more as that would make them too accessible. They may also take on slightly different forms-two appear to be pendents, the third may be fashioned into a ring or a wall ornament, etc. Whatever form it is, we will recognize it--at least when it's glowing power is unleashed.)   Uncle Stroh also  has key inside information on General Monroe's past. Information which will lead Charlie's ragtag Angels to victory.

Daddy's BFF (aka GoogleBoy)--the most unlikeliest of heros--a wimpy, overweight, un-athletic man afraid of bees, but possessing loyalty and a heart of gold. He is intent on watching over Charlie, much to her chagrin. While she loves him for his fatherly care for her and her brother, she sees him as a liability, someone she will have to protect.  BFF is the current possessor of Daddy's pendent. His inner journey is one of courage. He will face death. He will be tested and found worthy. The assignments with which he has been tasked are twofold:  keep the pendent and Charlie safe, and find Daddy's Brother (Uncle Stroh).

LoverGirl--Daddy's love-interest after the death of Charlie's Mama. She is honor-bound to accompany Charlie and keep her safe on the quest--even through the resentment Charlie feels and expresses as only a teenager can do. Like all women, she fights for keeps and may fight dirty if thats what it takes. She has skills and knowledge that will have come in handy.  She and Charlie will form a bond as strong as the one between Charlie and her biological Mother.

Asthma Mom--keeper/guardian of the second pendent. She is a lookout--a sentry--for the Freedom Fighters.  Although she saved Charlie's Brother only to betray him, she's not a bad person, she just realizes Charlie's Brother can not jeopardize the Movement working against the forces of evil. She will redeem herself when she reunites Charlie and her kidnaped asthmatic brother. Later in the show, she will also face the same decision again: give up one for the safety of many. I believe the second time, against all odds, she will find a way to accomplish both.

General Monroe--Uncle Stroh's BFF (well, maybe Former BF--since he and Uncle Stroh have had a falling out and he is utilizing all of his manpower and resources to locate his former BFF--and not for a happy reunion). Monroe is evil and ego personified. He likely had something to do with the current stats of affairs (perhaps an experiment gone awry led to the loss of power)--at the very least, Monroe has used his insider knowledge, not to aide society, by to personally capitalize on, and profit from,  the situation. He is a sleaze-bag that will seemingly always get away with his exploits. However, he will ultimately be defeated--but not without an epic war--in the series finale years from now.  Even as the final credits role, a disturbing bit of information or innuendo will surface thereby paving the way for a sequel--or at least leave the viewers wondering if it could really happen...

Archer Non-Nate (aka ANN)--one of General Monroe's faithful few.  He is a high-ranking member of Monroe's men--perhaps even a member of Monroe's inner circle.  Non-Nate had been sent on an undercover mission: to find Charlie and bring her to Monroe alive. Non-Nate  appears to be in league with the devil-Monroe, which could explain the reason he saved Charlie twice in the premiere episode alone. However, that would be much too simple. I believe Non-Nate will actually be a mole for the Asthma Mom . I believe he has the fourth, unknown, power pendent.

And there you have it: my predictions for "Revolution."  We'll see how close--or far away--I am to the truth...