Friday, January 8, 2016

Two Haiku (not really, I just liked the rhyme—but it is a short post)

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January 8, 2016 prompt:   “Communal Circles:   What new circles have you formed? Any unexpected ones? Did you start a book club or hang out in a tea yurt? Maybe you re-upped with existing friends. Explore your kumbaya moment from 2015.”

Two Haiku (not really, I just liked the rhyme—but it is a short post)
I had a lot of fun with my tongue -in-check response for the post yesterday—just shy of 2,500 words of fun. The post today is much shorter.  I’ve written two 5-7-5 verses (not true haiku because , although they have the requisite meter, are not capitalized, not punctuated, and not titled,  they don’t imply a seasonal turning point).   

The first 5-7-5 verse is about the bane of my existence—techy stuff. I’m determined to learn and conquer this stuff. Even if it kills me—and it very well may. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing on line. I think I need to befriend an 8-year old to be my own personal tech support, because it's here to stay (and change faster than the speed of light).  

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The second 5-7-5 verse is about my live communal circles—the friends with whom I find relaxation and inspiration. Whether it’s at weekly card or board games, bunco, singing in the church choir,  trying new artistic endeavors for which I have no aptitude or talent, or encouraging and supporting my writer friends, each connection either calms me or pushes my creativity.

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