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The Blog Of the "Mother" of Bandit.
Bandit is my Hairless Chinese Crested--he's the "normal" one. I, on the other hand, am unrepentantly "pet-crazy." You know the type--the spinster who lives in the haunted house three blocks over with 72 cats...okay, so I don't have 72 cats, and my house isn't haunted--but my dogs wardrobe is better than mine! Need I say more? :~)
I've never been consistant at journaling, so the timing of my blogs will be sporadic at best. I just hope they are as entertaining to you as they are to me; however, be forewarned: Most of my blogs will be about The BaldOne. In spite of his Don King "do," I think he's just as cute as any of the Brothers B!
Now, if I can just remember not to get him wet--or feed him after midnight...

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My bags are packed and I'm always ready to seek out an adventure with Bandit and Moggy in tow. Bandit is my thirteen year old Chinese Crested, who I frequently call The Bald One or The BaldOne Boy (like he was one of the Baldwin Brothers). Moggy’s full name is Pip-Moggy. He’s my two year old gansta-resuce kitty. I couldn’t decide between Pip (which are the spots on die and domino tiles) and Moggy (or Moggie when I mistakenly thought he was a she), so I combined the two. Moggy refers to the British term for "cat of unknown parentage .” So in essence, I have an almost bald dog, and I’ve named my cat “Spot.”

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Really Could Use That 435i

Ring, ring, ring…
A far-off annoyance is breaking into my warm happy place.

Ring, ring, ring…

My left eye peeks open. It’s dark out still. It's never a good sign when the phone wakes you and it’s still dark outside.
“Hello?” The frog remains in my voice.

“Hello, Miss Robinson?”  It’s the voice of the man I’ve been talking with almost daily for the last 10 days. Why is he calling at o-dark-thirty? This really can’t be good.
“This is she.”

“This is…um…Ja…this is Ja....”
“Good morning J.”

“Um….Miss Robinson….um…I…I have an…update on your SUV.”
“An update?  I thought it was supposed to be ready yesterday.”  Moggie, the Failed Foster kitten, jumps on the unsuspecting Bandit, who turns his “you just had to have a cat—what did I do that was so bad?” look on me. His soulful caramel eyes melting the remaining vestige of sleep from my foggy head.

“Well…um…y-y-yes Ma’am. It was….I ah...I have some good news…and some bad news.”
I love the stomach dropping sensation I feel when I’m riding the Tilt-O-Whirl; however, I really can’t say that I care for it when I’m not actually at the County Fair.

“Go on.” The tiniest hint of dread creeps into my voice.

“Well…um…Who’s your insurance carrier?”
“NationWide.” (the Inside Voice continues singing in my head, “…is on your side.”) “J—is there a problem?”

“Spill it J.”

J spills it alright—in a rush of words that spew from his mouth like hot lava from Mount  Vesuvius. “There’s been an accident. Your SUVs been totaled. We need to call the insurance for the claim. On the bright side, you may be getting a new car after all!”

And then I woke up for reals.
Moggie was sleeping on my chest. Bandit, who really does turn his pitiful look on me as if to say, “Was I not enough?”  was sleeping under the cover on my lap. I had fallen asleep in my recliner.
The last thing I remember before the dream:  checking email and seeing the advertisement for the BMW give-away (I had liked, commented, and shared—for the entry last week). Come on Metalic Sapphire Black 435i!

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