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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The MIA iPhone

The loaner car ate my iPhone last night.

I realized it was gone just before Fairfield. I remembered placing it on the center console sometime after I left Marshall.  But it wasn't there when I looked again. The good news is I charge my iPhone in the car and it's easy to retrieve it by pulling the charging cord if I drop it. I figured it had slid off the console, so I pulled up the charging cord.

The cord was empty.

When I stopped for gas in Waco, I spent a good 20 minutes searching the car. The iPhone was nowhere to be found. Not in the bag of trash I had produced. Not in any of the myriad of car cubbyholes. I checked under seats and between the console as best I could. It was a very tight fit and I was having  a difficult time getting my hand all the way under or between.  I couldn't feel it anywhere. It had not fallen into my open purse or mini book-bag. Where could it have gone?

I went through everything a second time.  Still nada. I considered laying down on the back seat to see if I could get a better angle for checking between and under the seats.

When I got home I checked everything a third time. It had to be in the car. I had not gotten out. Or rolled down a window. I rechecked all my pockets, the car cubbies, under and around seats, and my purse and bag for a third time. Still no iPhone. It was MIA.

It was not until I thought to move the seats all the way forward and all the way backward that I started finding MIAs.  But they were other peoples MIAs:

* A key ring with 6-7 keys.
* A single key with a broken hanger--maybe off the key ring--or maybe off another.
* An empty ice tea bottle.
* Money. (Okay, it was only $0.01)

I readjusted the seats and finally I found it.

This incident got me to thinking though. It would seem this car has a history of abduction. How many other cars have an equally sinister past?

Perhaps rather than checking CarFax, we need to check Police Blotters.

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