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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Technology has not been my friend tonight.

I returned to the VA to complete an application I've been attempting to complete off and on for several months. It's the basic application the VA uses for all RN positions. The form  itself is easy enough, but when I go to save it, something goes wrong. Every. Single. Time. It's very frustrating. As if that wasn't enough, all the supporting forms have links that are broken.

Tonight is the closing date for my supervisors old job (she's been promoted).  I don't really want her job--I just don't like people that are clueless to what I do attempting to supervise me. The deadline was 11:59 and it was almost 10pm.  

The last time I attempted to complete the form  I saved it to my computer. That way, I reasoned, I would always have the basic application.

Except I received a new work computer earlier this week. But--I managed to save my files into a folder, and the  application was in it.  For once something techy was going right.

I spoke too soon.

After tweaking the application, it said I could add my signature. I used my iPhone as a touch pad.  The signature workered!  Except the "save" button wasn't there. So I read some more and they said another option was to send the signature by email. So I tried that option.

It wasn't my signature. But it was one the program "authenticated" and assigned to me.  Whatever.  It was getting late.  So I used the pseudo-signature and attempted to download the form. I was taken instead to a site where I have to PAY to download it!   I'm a cheapskate so I said "no way."

I redid the application yet again.  This time, since it's on my computer, I made a copy so I can sign the hard copy and Fax it--a less than ideal option, but I'm running put of time.

A message flashed across my screen--my computer was in the process of shutting down for maintenance. Ugggggghhhhh.

I attempted to call a Notary friend.  I was pretty sure she's used a late night fax before. Unfortunately there was  no answer. She was probably sound asleep.

By this time the computer was back up and I had less than two hours. I briefly wondered if the deadline was on central time.

Finally, I have hard copies of the application, several other forms, my last personnel action and performance evaluations, a cover sheet, my updated resume, and a couple of other forms.  I'll just sign the hard copies, save them to my desktop, and fax it all in a neat little packet.

Except now the  Fax is not working.

So I tried the one in the ICU. It was a different kind of fax.  One no one was familiar with how to work it.

I returned to my office to make a few calls in a vain attempt to locate a FAX that was open.  I went by the police.  They recommended the AOD.  The AOD suggested the ER. At 10:36pm I FAXEd from the ER but the fax machine did not give me any conformation that it was successful or not. At that point I no longer cared. I was sick of the attempt.

Just in case, I called several 24-hour stores that might have copy/Fax services. None did.  At least not at 10:45pm. But one I little girl said to "try the store in the strip mall, that's next to the store, that was the Halloween store." On my way home I drove up 31st street in search of the store. All the copy places were understandably closed. I even drove by a couple of Bail Bonds places in downtown Belton.  They were closed as well. I'm kind of glad they were closed because I realized I had left the packet in my desk.

Then I realized I was hungry. The first place I went to was having computer issues (it's not just me) and wasn't taking orders.

I was successful in placing an order at the second place--after sitting at the red light for over 5 minutes--during which time four cars had come up behind me. I couldn't chance running the overlong red light and one of the cars being a cop. So I sat and waited. It was about par for the course.

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